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Fellowship of St Piran

Walking the Way of Cornwall's Celtic Saints

Cowethas Peran Sans was founded on the most glorious of summer's days at the ancient Oratory of St Piran on Perran Sands on 26th July 2006, the place which has the best claim to be the spiritual heart of Cornwall. A small gathering of Christians met to consider how Cornwall's Celtic spiritual heritage might best be rediscovered, and we resolved to meet again and work together in this quest.

CPS at Oratory

Cowethas Peran Sans is deeply rooted in the soil of Cornwall, a place where Celtic saints have left a permanent legacy in place names and church dedications.  We are rooted in the culture of its people, a culture which is being expressed vibrantly today in poetry, music, dance and festivals, as well as the revival of Cornwall's ancient language.

It should be understood, therefore, that we do not seek to rediscover Cornwall's ancient Celtic Christian spiritual heritage because it is trendy, but because it is our heritage – it resonates with us because of our twin sense of belonging to Cornwall and to God. http://www.simplecarpetcleaning.net/mi/carpet-cleaning-in-barbeau/
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We also believe that the rediscovery of Cornwall's ancient spiritual heritage will help root and renew the Christian faith here.

Celtic Christianity is attractive today for a number of reasons: power and status in the early Celtic Church depended on personal holiness, not a position in a hierarchy of authority; evangelism was through personal examples of holiness, not by threats; there was a strong sense of the sanctity of holy places; the spiritual presence of ancestors and the communion of saints was considered very close and real; women could enjoy high status, and our humanity was viewed positively; the focus of authority was devolved, elected and local, not centralised, politically-appointed and remote; Celtic Christians were very much in tune and in love with nature and had a strong sense of God's presence in it.

We, like them, seek to walk as gently as possible upon this fragile earth by living as simply and as frugally as we can.

Nora Chadwick, the great authority on the Celtic Church, wrote: "A Christianity so pure and serene as that of the age of the Celtic saints could hardly be equalled and never repeated." While this is true, a fundamental principle of spiritual renewal is that the solution to present difficulties can be found by learning from past golden eras. The Age of the Celtic Saints is one.
We are not an alternative church – while we may meet together for prayer and fellowship, we celebrate no sacraments and profess no doctrines other than those held by the Celtic Church, a Church which was renowned for its Trinitarian orthodoxy. We are merely seeking to renew ourselves in our Christian faith and so bring renewal to the churches we attend and the denominations we are a part of.

We hope you will enjoy learning about this modern expression of Celtic Christianity in Cornwall by means of this website in this new and exciting third millennium of Christ's Kingdom.

Dew genes ha lowena dhys pup-teth oll!

(may God and happiness be with you always!)

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